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Tamalaneh: Links

Latest R B Songs, Old School Nu School RnB by: Tamalaneh. Click on Photo below to Buy her Music. Tamalaneh_Old_School_Nu_Skool_Banner.jpg
What's Your Strive
This is a very good website that is surely "A Voice Of The Unknown". Tamalaneh is being interviewed by the owner Frank of this website. Fank is a very good guy doing a very good thing, especially for the independent artists!
Belltime Productions
This is my producer's music production website.
Tamalaneh's New Cd Release "I Know You're Gonna Like This" is available for purchase!
Tamalaneh's Myspace Page
This is Tamalaneh's myspace page where you will find many of her fans and friends.
Ron Dennis Wheeler_Myspace Page
Ron Dennis Wheeler has a record label and publishing company,
This is a Music Service Website.
Press Release on Tamalaneh
Check out the press release on Tamalaneh.

Read This Blog On "The Birth Of A Song And Artist".
Buy Tamalaneh's R&b Love Song "I Still Cherish You" on eMusic.
PRLog - Press Release!
This is a press release site for the New R&B Release "I Still Cherish You" by: Tamalaneh.
R&b Songs by: Tamalaneh. You're Really Gonna Like This, I Still Cherish You, and So Far Away.
Tuncore Recording Artist
Love Song - I Still Cherish You
Newstin News
A Freepress Release on Tamalaneh's Debut Single: I Still Cherish You
Pop Artist: Jelixa - Click Photo Below! JelixaLogo_FameGames3.jpg
The Community News. Check out what is written on Tamalaneh's new love song.
Blogs Tagged as "New Single Love Song 2009"
Free Press Releases
R&B Artist: Tamalaneh, and Debut Single
Tamalaneh on Uplaya singing a beautiful rnb love song.
Nothing but Rnb Songs!
Electrogarden Network
A Music Networking Website.
Music Website
Tamalaneh on Napster.
I Still Cherish You - Video
New Video Release - I Still Cherish You.
Nothing But Hooks!
"Nothin But Hooks" is all about creating Hot RnB, Gospel, Christian, Hip Hop, Country & Pop HOOKS to your Songs. Let "Nothin But Hooks" write your next Hook to your next Music, and possible Hit Song Recording.
A Love Song Full Of Cherished Memories
Y! Buzz
Rnb Music Artist
New Music Release on Tamalaneh
New RNB Single
Discussion Forum
AirPlay Direct
Tamalaneh's Music On Airplay
Rnb Love Song "I Still Cherish You", and R&b Dance Tune "You're Really Gonna Like This".

Cartatz - Submit Your Site

Recording Artist: TAMALANEH - NEWS & UPDATES
A3 Urban Music
This is a Hip Hop News Site, that has Tamalaneh's New Music Video On It.
Tamalaneh - Uplaya Artist
This is a very good website that displays much about the hit potenial of the artist songs.
A very good website to find musi for Film. Tamalaneh is on this site.
A music oriented site primary for single Moms. Tamalaneh's profile is on this site also.
Fame Games
Tamalaneh is in International Talent Competition.
Tamalaneh is on AudioSparx so that her music can be licensed to film and television.
Tamalaneh has a Music Video on FameCast website.
OverPlay is a Music Streaming Website. Tamalaneh ahs an R&b song on there called So Far Away.
Tamalaneh is now on Twitter, a really good social website.
MTV Music
Tamalaneh is on MTV Music. She has lot's of links to the sites that are hosting her music.
YouTube Channel
Tamalaneh has a Music Video on Youtub Channel. The song is Called I Still Cherish You.
Mad Radio
Tamalaen is on an Online Radio Station called "Mad Radio".
Tamalaneh's music is being played on Audio Street. The song that's being played it called "So Far Away".
Soul Commune
This is a website where they play lots of Soul Music. Tamalaneh has a profile on this site.
Friends Or Enemies
Tamalaneh on Friends or Enemies. You can Blog on this website, also post a Music Video such as the one Tamalaneh has on there.
Tamalaneh on Facebook Social Website.
Stock Music Site
Tamalaenh has Music for Licensing to Film and Television on the Stock Music Site.
A3 Urban Music
Tamalaneh is on the HipHop and R&B News Site - A3 Urban Music.
Tamalaneh has music on Isound.
YouTube - At Christmas Time
Tamalaneh has a Christmas Music Video on Youtube.
This is another Music oriented website that display and sell music albums and mp3 downloads. Tamalaneh has music on this site.
Indielink Linking the Independent Artist Community
Read The Latest News On Indie Label Bell Time Records & Rnb Artist Tamalaneh.
This is a Video Display site for Recording Artists to display their Music Videos. Tamalaneh has three Music Videos up and running on this site.
Tamalaneh has an rnb christmas song video on this site. The song is called "At Christmas Time", written by: Michael Bell of Bell Time Records.
This is another video hosting websited that is currently hosting Tamalaneh's Christmas Music Video "At Christmas Time" written, arranged & produced by: Michael Bell of Bell Time Records.
Tamalaneh is on this webiste to display her desire to get funded for rnb music recording project.
Another wonderful websiste to use for music promotion. Tamalaneh had the track "I'm Movin On" on this site.
This is a Radio Promotions site that helps out the independent artist as to getting their music played on radio. Tamalaneh has music on this site.
VH1 is hosting tamalaneh's profile and songs. Tamalaneh has Music Video and song links on this website. Check out the At Christmas Time Video.
Tamalaneh has a Video and Song hosted on this webiste. "I Still Cherish You" is available for you to listen to.
This is another community oriented website to display your talents, music and video. Check out Rnb artist tamalaneh on this site. The is a variety of music such as; gospel, rnb, pop etc...
This is a wonderful website that you can upload your music video to. Tamalaneh has two music videos on this website..."I still Cherish You" and "At Christmas Time".
Music Supervisor
This is a website that has a variety of music for display, such as; rnb, pop, rock, jazz, electronic, etc... Rnb Artist Tamalaneh has music on this website ready to be pitched to film and television.
Podomatic is an Ipod website that you can upload music to just like you can a phyiscal Ipod. You can also embed the code into other websites. Recording Artist Tamalaneh also has music on this website.
My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-80fa75c1149d78fd6c05637f592639f5}
Tamalaneh is in the company of stars in a big way!
Music Dealers
Tamalaneh and her music is displayed on another hosting site that provides film and television opportunities to place your music. The world of music licensing is all around you. Any music you hear in a commercial, movie, video game, or on a TV show was licensed. When you as an artist license a track to a company, you give them the right to use your music for whatever purposes you've agreed to. In return, that company will pay you for letting them use your music. And here's the best part: You're not actually selling your song. You still retain all the rights to your music so you can license a song over and over again. Zero risk, endless opportunity. Every reason to put your music to work. From independent bands to established music design production houses to home studio music producers to platinum recording artists, anyone who owns the rights to their original music can sign-up to as an Individual Artist account. Managers and labels who upload music on behalf of their artists can sign-up as a Label/Manager account. Here, a manager or label can create multiple artist accounts under one managerial account. By signing up to, you not only give your music the best chance of being placed in a variety of media (film, TV, commercials, video games, etc.), you give yourself the best chance of making some extra cash and promoting your skills. We've established relationships with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world so your music has the ability to be heard by the biggest music purchasers in the industry. The beauty of it all? You keep all the rights and 100% ownership to all your music. At, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
This is a wonderful website for helping talented people to get involved with musicals, castings, talent contests and more. Tamalaneh is an artist on this site. It is also for film and televison.
Tamalaneh is definitely in the Remix! Check out this website where you can upload your music and remix it. That's right, creat a Mix from your original track.
BommDizzle is a community site where music artists can display there music and mingle with other music artists of all sorts; rnb, rap, pop indie etc.... Recording Artist Tamalaneh has made her way yet to another wonderful website.
JukeboxAlive is a Network website that you can upload your music and also sell your cd's. Tamalaneh has songs on this website.
Atlantic Street
Atlantic Street is another Music / Song oriented website that musicians can upload and display their songs. Tamalaneh has original music and a beautiful love song called "I Still Cherish you" on music video.
HEAR DAT is a fresh and dynamic media portal that promotes new & independent urban music and artists. Hear Dat users access one of the fastest growing catalogues of licensed and independent urban music in the world. Fans of urban music get to enjoy & download those rare and hard to find favourite tunes and new artists, showcased in a high-quality internet radio portal that’s a delight to use. The net result is an unparalleled user experience and a compelling legal alternative to piracy. For artists, promoting their music on HearDat is free. Artist are able to build a direct relationship with fans, old and new across the world, develop revenue streams through the sale of downloads, merchandising, concert tickets and more, as well as earning a share of the revenues Hear Dat creates through advertising and premium businesses. Powerful and in-depth reporting is available to participating labels and artists.
Sounds2Buy is a professional platform for musicians whose music is available for downloading at competitive prices. Sounds2Buy offers the possibility for signed, unsigned and independent artists to sell their music and be heard by thousands of people over the internet. Artist/Bands can now enjoy an easy-to-use website with a great design that will help them promote themselves in the big world of music. Many genres of music will be added to our music category page, ranging from Hip Hop to Classical music. will cover a wide range of music that will cater for any types of musical taste.
TuneFlow provides an exciting new place for music lovers to discover new music and new artists. But it's much more than that. You didn't really think the big record labels had a lock on all the best talent in the world, did you? The fact is, there are thousands of great, unsigned singers, songwriters and bands all over the world that are making awesome music -- you just haven't been able to hear it anywhere. And, ironically, this music is often actually better than what the big boys are pushing. The artists you'll find at TuneFlow, because they don't have contracts requiring them to sound "mainstream," regularly produce music that is fresh, innovative, and often in a much broader range of genres. At TuneFlow you get more styles, and more choices. Like our name suggests, we let the music FLOW...ALL the music! TuneFlow is also about putting the ARTIST FIRST. At TuneFlow, artists are given the opportunity to get their music out to the world without restrictive contracts. And when you buy music at TuneFlow, it's the artists who get the lion's share (37% to 75% of total music revenues, and up to 88% of profits), not some big record label. TuneFlow also helps artists by providing invaluable exposure, infrastructure, marketing support, and more.
Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see, share and engage your world through the power of online video. You can find - or upload - videos about your interests and hobbies, eyewitness accounts of recent news and distant places, and everything else from the strange to the spectacular. Use Dailymotion to: * - Share your videos publicly, or privately with family and friends * - Discover new videos through channels or tags * - Get feedback on your clips and creative work * - Spread your videos across the web by posting them to your blog, website, or social network profiles
Project OPUS
Project Opus™ is an online music community designed to support artists, fans and local music. It is a single point of contact for discovery of new music. We have two goals: * make it incredibly easy for bands to self-publish music, find their audience and then get paid for the sale and licensing of their music, and * make it incredibly easy for fans to find music they love and support the artists that make it.
This site was originally called and was started September 03, 2004. It was started because I was kind of bored and was helping WildCherry build a fan web site for a band she liked. GuitaristWorks was originally just a forum. In the early days there were a handful of us just kind of hanging out. When someone posted a message, we all jumped on it to see what was posted. If you had a question, the turnaround time was usually seconds! Slowly the site built up bit by bit and we got more members. A lot of that was due to the guys on the Carvin Boards where I hung out and word of mouth. As the site grew, we kind of became known for songwriting plus mixing and mastering thanks to a few experts. With that we branched out and found some great software to create Artist Pages. This way everyone could have their own page instead of posting in a forum only. That software has been upgraded so many times I have lost count. It got better and better with each release. We came to the conclusion that the name GuitaristWorks was kind of limiting. This site no longer had guitarists only on it. We had musicians of all types. We realized that we should change the name to something that would appeal to all musicians. Sadly all of the names we wanted were taken! We were able to find iMusicScene though ;). So we revamped the entire site in August of 2007. While this site has been a labor of love for WildCherry and I, make no mistakes. Every webmaster thinks their site is the best on the internet. We are no exception. It is however the people on that bring us to this conclusion. It has nothing to do with the features of the site even though we try and keep it as up to date as possible. I personally have never been on a musician site where the members do not let their ego's get in the way and are always willing to help someone with their music. It does not matter if their skill set was beginner, intermediate or advanced. The members here have always been positive in their feedback and provided tips on how they could improve their mix, tone, drums or whatever was necessary to make the song sound pro. That says a lot about the people here. I think that is what separates us from the rest. In April of 2008, the domain was about to expire. It was backordered from a third party which is never a good sign. These companies buy expiring domains with the hope of selling it at huge profits back to the original owners. We then tried to buy it from the original owner but he did not return our voicemail. Once the domain expires, the owner still has 30 days to renew. It ended up going to the third party company. We ended up buying the domain from the third party. So we have no affiliation with the previous suite. That being said, are we the same as the Mixposure of old? Yes and No. Yes in that we provide a lot of the same features and No because we provide a lot of features that the old Mix did not offer. I know some people had a great experience with the old Mixposure and it was a cool place for many musicians to hang their hat. Others did not have a great experience from some of the emails I have received! It was ashame that it went down the way it did. Like the Phoenix though, Mixposure has risen again from out of the ashes. This time under new management and a team of dedicated musicians/moderators to make your experience a positive one. Oh additionally, if you have links on the internet to your old mix page, make sure you use the same band name so your links become active again. If you are an existing member here and need a name change, please let me know. I wanted to thank everyone who has frequented this site through 3 name changes and helped not only me but all of the other members become better musicians, songwriters and producers. This is especially true of our moderators ReaperSG, WildHoneyPie, Mike K, Venuestudio, GeorgeShep, Artificial Earth, Rob Grant and our admins WildCherry. Thanks for reading our history! Dazed
TagWorld is a community website where you can display your videos and photos to the community.
Good music is good music regardless of where it comes from. Groovetap is a geo-smart socialmusicnetwork for artists to post their music infront of a global community of music lovers.
itBreaks! is a place where artists are free to broadcast their music. Songs are freely available for everyone to listen to, enjoy, comment on, share and evaluate. Songs that are receiving the best feedback will be listed in realtime on the frontpage, helping visitors discover the best music from around the world. itBreaks! offers a fantastic array of features like customization, Groups, Albums, Playlist, Ranking, and more...
Online Music Collaboration. Create your online profile and start collaborating with other artists. is all about promoting the Independent Artist.
Enter to Rap 100 Top Sites and Vote for this Site!!!
UK Link Exchange

Motown CDs
Motown has a soul based sound which people found unique and amazing and to this very day some of the best must come from the genre of where Motown came from and later influenced many pop singers to go down the same soulful path. primarily promotes and Market the following types of Music, Artists & Songs:Old School Nu Skool R B, Contemporary and Traditional Gospel, Soul and funk RnB, Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop, Positive Rap, Mainstream Pop, Pop/House/Techno, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion and more!
Gospel Music CDs by: Dr. Allean Varnado Lang
Dr. Allean Varnado Lang is a Renown Gospel Recording Artist, mother of Hip Hop Producer & Recording Artist "Daz Dillinger", and the aunt of "Recording Artit "Snoop Dog". Dr. Allean is also an anointed Minister of the Word of God. To Buy her CDs click on Photo below. Dr_Allean_Gospel_Artist_175_x_175.jpg
Resource Central
World Resources for All. Informational Research.
DMOZ Zilla Directory
Please Download Song and share it with your family and friends. Thank you! Michael Bell, Music Producer
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