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Tamalaneh: News

NEW RNB Song! | belltimerecords's Blog - July 8, 2009

This new R&B single called I Still Cherish You, is to be listen too, it will remind you of those good old r n b love songs with powerful lyrics! You cant find love quotes like this one in these times to often.The song title says it all , a relationship that did not work out but they still have love for each other.This R&B single is to be Cherish and I know it will hit the r&b charts cause the voice of the new r&b artist Tamalaneh has a soulful voice that remind me of Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige , to mention a few, but dont take my word for it go listen to this sweet love song cause its been awhile since a beautiful love song has been around , And this rnb single is downloadable at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, Emusic, etc. The new r&b soul artist has her own personal website go by and sign her guestbook and stay around to hear a few of her songs available on her new R&B Cd coming in August 15, 2009. Oh yeah the song title is I Still Cherish You!! Enjoy!!!!

New Rnb Artist Tamalaneh_and Music Release! - July 8, 2009

Tamalaneh is a new female r&b artist who have just had her new single release "I Still Cherish You", of which is now available at: Amazon, Rhapsody, EMusic, ITunes, Nepster, and many more.

You can take a listen to what is coming on her debut album "You're Really Gonna Like This", at: The album is scheduled to be released August 15, 2009

* Added on: Jun 29th, 2009
* Country: United States
* Language: English

* Author: Michael Bell
* Listed in: Entertainment Musicians and Bands

R&B Debut Album Realease Information - July 7, 2009

Bell Time Records is releasing R&B Recording Artist - Tamalaneh's New Cd "You're Really Gonna Like This" on August 15, 2009.

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